What is the best way to put a texture on a polygon hair?

Can anyone teach me or direct me into a tutorial on texturing polygon hair. I already had a hair texture ready, and i like to put it on the hair of my manga inspired character. How can I make the texture follow the direction of the polygon , for example i have the polygon designed so the hair could be from upper right to lower left. … Thanks in advance…

I feel your pain, I’m in the same situation. It’s weird cause I was just about to post this. I’m also trying to figure out how to apply texture to hair correctly.

How exactly do I texture hair like this?


so it is the big question are you going with a low poly or highdefinition one?
the solution might not be the same ?

can you up load a file to test with ?


Sorry for the late reply…
to ronthehybrid – yeah like that one… but more low poly, and it is a single mesh/ plane I mean. Now I’m thinking of creating hair with more planes each one in the direction I wan’t but i don’t know if it will make the work more easier. By the way I have seen your thread while searching for this matter. I do that before I Post.

to RickyBlender: Just Low Poly. It is posted in the WIP section here
about the blend file, I just like to experiment on what she would look if i put a texture on her hair also i could apply that technique on other model if i have time to model. ^^ :slight_smile:
here it is, but i might change the hair model…
noT.blend (460 KB)

i tough you wanted to go with particule hair system
it would great but quit low poly if you want ot use it in game engine!

i tried some texture from 3D repository see pic

but there must be better texture for hair !

anyway what where you thinking to use an image texture or procedural texture


thanks, i will go with image texture but if you can give a good tutorial in procedural i might try it and it will be greatly appreciated.

here is what is the texture i like to put but i want oit to follow the hair direction , about the hair I decide to change it.


there lots of doc in wiki but also many videos on u-tube

here are some of the page on iwki



and the 3D repository

also search for Bsod textures there are 2 very good pdf files describing how to use the textures

this is the first page but at th end of page you find link to otheres oages

that will give you a good intro to texturing with procedurales textures

so have fun with theses page on wiki

have you found the textures yuou want to use?


to rickyblender thanks for the help

can you explain what you found and where ?
it could help other peoples


Yea cause I’m still not sure how I’m gonna texture something like this even though I still have to model like 3 more layers of hair…


ok so you need to stay low poly probably for low poly game engine
i guess

if not i can give you some tut on hair particule system
which would give vey natural hair except it’s take more power to render and is longer
but very nice

in any case you shoold read this tut

very good intro to hair system

see pic
and i think it can be used for lo poly if you use low values of the parameters
may not be as beautifull has a pic but it’s in 3D so better

hey sorry for the first pic i did pick the right one LOL
don’t know how to get rid of it ?



Thanks for the help RickyBlender, but I’m going for high-poly in order to do film, and the reason I’m doing polys instead of particles is because I heard that when animating, polygons tend to give a more realistic flow of movement than particles. Texturing correctly seems to be the only issue I’m having right now. I’m gonna continue to play around, as you can probably tell I’m a newbie. Thanks for all the help anyways!


Ok change my mind i will not be closing this thread. it seems that many people like me have problem in texturing polygon hair. about the hair system I know how to use it
The polygon hair gives that anime feel and gives many interesting hairstyle.

about what i found , i mean i found the hair texture i will be using…
and here is the other things i found

a tutorial on how to make polygon hair

and here is a link of a gimp tutorial on how to make your own hair texture
another one
(this tutorial is done in max but i think it can be applied to blender)

Hey Kaisaki, Thanks for the polygon hair tutorial, i really needed that!

Your welcome. I think I’m lucky that someone give me that tutorial in one of the post i previously made. I forgot to thank rickyblender for the tut.
By the way i still don’t know how the hair texture will follow the direction of the hair. Do you have any idea? I’m still clueless.
i have an idea to lets make this thread continuously alive until we found the solution and let’s make a full tutorial when we finally find it out… so other will not end up like us.

I Agree!

Anyways I did a little experiment last night at first I was trying to match the texture with the map, but I thought to myself, "hey, why don’t I match the UV map to the texture instead, so I went ahead and did a 5 min experiment and got the following results. The result are circled in red, I didn’t have time to do all since it was only 5 min. But yea I pretty much just fixed the UV layout to match the texture, instead of vise versa. as you can tell one of the textures is blurred, because I streched the mesh out to much, so I’m going to keep my meshes condensed. I’m gonna try overlaying or match the hair meshes so that they are all the same size. But I got it to go in the hair’s direction. I’m going to play around with it a little more later. Hope this helps some!


I also try that last night after i post where thinking of the same thing.
for me it solves problem for simple hair meshes but for complex one I think the approach is different. This could be a quick solution for simple hair meshes, the straight ones anyway thanks and I really hope it helps other.

here how my test goes

as you see the zigzag part of the hair has the texture seem to be cut, for it to follow the hair texture i will be needing to seam every corner of the zigzag same for the leftmost one. :no: is there other way to texture polygon hair like this? my chars hair follows the leftmost one.

Do you mind posting your UV layout of the polygon?

Again sorry for the late reply. I have solve the problem with zigzag, i just need to make the UV’s of the hair straight. see attachment.
:slight_smile: so far happy with the result:)

Yea that’s the trick, I guess we both solved our issues for now!