What is the best way to replace a parented object

I am placing duplicates of flowers which are made up of 4 objects that are parented. The flowers are not complete, so when I finish them, I would like to replace the objects that I have already put into the scene. This is important, because I’m making the placements manually instead of automatically placing them. What is the best way, to simply replace an object and it’s duplicates in the scene?

Also, if someone could tell me this. If I have a parented object, how can I select a part of the object and make sure the entire object is selected. What keypress could I use for this?

In 2.67, selecting an object and then doing Shift-G gives you a menu with options to select its children, parent, etc.

Re: the first part of your question, it sounds like you want to replace an object’s Mesh data. Select your object, go to the Object Data panel and select the mesh data you want from the dropdown menu. In this example I’ve replaced the mesh data for the object named Sphere.001 with the mesh called Cube.

Thank you for that, I’m also looking into properly grouping. I have dozens of flowers with leafs, so I think I have to select each one since they were duplicates.

btw - is there a fast way to replace groups?

You might be interested in this tidbit of information about linking and unlinking.