What is the best way to transfer stuff from my sketch book to my computer?

Probably Camera, but I don’t know… I can’t use my scanner because I would have to rip the page out of my sketch book and even if I did my sketch book has HUGE paper…
Any help would be appreciated…

The best way is to take a picture with a digital camera and transfer it to the computer and you can then adjust the size, photoshop is a good way to adjust it as it will stop the image from pixelating(basically, becoming a mess), best to keep it a jpg.

Best to NOT keep it a JPEG, unless you’re wanting noise and blocky artifacts. Use a lossless format, like PNG or TIFF.

If your digital camera has a lossless quality setting, use it. If not, use whatever’s the highest, and at the highest resolution it can use. Then you can size the image down a bit to remove any (compression) noise it may have.

Digital camera ftw

If you don’t have access to those cool scanners that do it from a distance and can get your oversized paper, just get a good shot with even lighting with a digital camera.

What type of digital camera should I use what is the best? I’m not sure the one I have will work… I can’t remember how old it is…

if you live in USA we have a national chain called Kinkos… most shops have oversized scanners just for reading out of books.

Architects usually have this type of scanner too for reading blueprints.

Lets be realistic here. Todays camera doesn’t do that anymore. The jpegs arent anymore noisy and blocky if saved in highest quality.

But I always take the picture in the raw format first and then convert the pictures to jpeg. To have the perfect picture quality. Even if I can’t see the difference.

I’m aware of that (my camera can only save images in JPEG format), but JPEG is still a lossy format. So, if he plans to do editing on the image (or just to preserve them, maybe his sketchbook is falling apart :p), it’s best to convert it to a lossless format and keep using it (or the editing program’s internal format) until he’s ready to save the final image, in which case he can use JPEG to save space and/or upload it somewhere for others to see.

just adding to what valarking said, most zoom not digital zoom though minimizes distortion.
also set some “studio” lighting with table lamps or take the picture outside.