what is the big deal about post count?

Why is everyone so worried about the post counts here in the forums?

Do you get a prize or something?

I keep hearing people whine and complain about people posting , just to boost their post count.

SO WHAT? what is the big deal? If someone only has a few words to say they can not say it? that is just lame in my opinion.

If I like someones work, I like to post a “nice job” or “nice work, keep it up” not to boost a post count, but to participate and encourage.

If I am not mistaken it is just a number. It means nothing.

It dose not make people more credible, it dose not gain you any money, it will not hurt you if someone has a bigger one than you.

Next time, we will discuss White spaces in threads, and the damage it causes, and all the paper and ink it looses. And everyone it hurts when you waste text space.


My query,
So who dose it hurt? What dose it damage? What do people loose when people don’t author a novel when they are posting? Why dose it annoy people? Do those people need new medication?


Which is why people posting simply to increase this number without anything really useful to say are annoying.

BTW, +1 to me. :smiley:

One more post until you have 1000 post Mmph!

Yeah. You are right. Post count should be hidden by default.

Take a look at some of the other CG forums, where they “reward” post count somehow. You’ll see an image, three or four pages, not posts, pages of “yeah! way to go!” fanboy posts, then a critique, then four or five more pages of fanboy drivel, then another relevant post or two.

You want to encourage someone? Rate the thread. Give them some stars.

It’s not really about the post count, it’s about reducing the drivel and garbage we have to wade through to find relevant information. It’s about the signal to noise ratio, if you will. We really have no idea why people post noise, whether they have some fetish about post count, or are drama queens, or seek attention, whatever, it doesn’t really matter. Noise is noise, and it drowns out the signal, which is why we come here.

BlenderArtists isn’t a chat room and we aren’t fanboys.

Don’t know… tilli pikendus? :smiley:

+1 post count

anyway, I agree, it is not a large post count that makes you a respected member of the community, but the quality of your advice, and the wealth of your knowledge


EDIT: aw shit.

i dont give a damn about my post count

people always say i post just to increase my post count, i didnt even know what that was until someone told me. i post here cause i think its kinda fun
(p.s. i dont even know my post count)

oh wait there it is, i see it
its that little thing that says posts under the join date right?

Post count becomes moot after 200-500 posts for most people since by that time they’ve been around enough to know that the BA culture is to not just post little one liners (since enough people have yelled at them) or to have the highest post count (think about how much 5 star work is released, and then look at the artists’ post count, most aren’t extremely high).

Unfortunately, I’m going to say whats been said so many times before: the people who post to just increase their post count are generally (not always, though) the 12-15 year olds who have just had their parents let them off their internet chain, they think a high post count is cool, and now they think every forum is just like myspace or facebook where they can go and post “hEy [email protected] $0 c00l, d0n"T y0u th1nk my 1337 typ1ng 1$ @wes0m3sss?!?111?!?!/1?1?1” everywhere and think their friends will see it and laugh about it. Eventually, one of the old hats(either been here a while, or are actually physically old) gets fed up, comes up to them, slaps them in the face and says behave.

But I digress:
My rule (at least now) is that unless I have something really useful to add to a thread, including maybe a couple words of encouragement to a new user who isn’t seeing much response to a work, its a waste of time/bandwidth (and by that fact money) for me to post in the thread.

But yes, I would agree with BeBraw and say post count should be hidden, just like they hid having reply/view count shown by default. Having to mouse over a user name, or actually visit the profile to find post count, might be better.

Post count becomes moot after 200-500 posts

ya know, that is so true lol
i havent looked at my post count since i went over 150 lol

Owww… Thats mean Felix, really below the belt… literally.

(+1 for me too ) :stuck_out_tongue:

Simple, it adds inches to your e-penis.

And exactly what are you accomplishing by posting this?

That statement is worth +1000 posts.

I don’t anyone think people are posting solely for post counts. That’s more common in boards that require certain postcount levels before being given access to certain portions of the site and also in bigger communities where it shows how active one it. It’s not as important here because importance comes from artistic ability rather than participation in the community.

The real reason I hate those game threads is because they draw discussion away from better topics and seem to be a cesspool of preteen nerd humor (OMG NINJAZ). But the average poster now in the OT, or atleast the verbal ones, seem to be 15 or 16 year olds so I’m not too surprised.

Oh yeah and I have the longest e-penis in this thread.


Mind if I post.

Post count increasing is generally frowned upon in this forum. And I don’t get some people’s obcession with comparing so many things to private body parts (it happens on other forums and private part news stories are very popular on yahoo)

I did not make all my posts on the Cyborg Dragon name, look at the number I made when I was still Kansas 15 on the member list to find the true number;)