What is the choice of Ton?

BGE -> ubber overhaul?

Bge -> Panda converter with all logic and python supported? Does panda use bullet?

Mahlin -> Harmony?

Something else?

can someone talk to ton, and then help consolidate all the resources into one?

Many long skinny branches, are not a tree trunk.

Can you repeat in clear and concise English rather than the usual vague riddles

You could always ask him…

From my interpretation of everything I’ve read, recycling Blender into “interaction mode” and improving Blender compatability with other engines through improving FBX support.

Before this thread snowballs…

I thought his roadmap post made it pretty clear: something else. It also seemed clear that he was thinking ‘out loud’ vs having a specific plan of action / timetable related to BGE. How I interpreted what he wrote:

  1. BGE will probably live on in maintenance mode while this ‘something else’ gets built. This something else will not be a new version of bge.
  2. The new realtime/simulation/whatever capabilities will be incorporated into the core of Blender rather than being off on its own as bge is
  3. Migrating existing bge projects to the new thing probably not a priority if even in scope
  4. The ability to directly author games is likely not in scope… how that translates into what capabilities the new thing has in terms of realtime simulation / interaction is unclear
  5. In general, not attempting to compete with Unity or other game development platforms. Will attempt to complement them by making Blender an authoring platform that can export content to them. To what degree, if any, beyond what Blender can currently do is also unclear.

Again, just my interpretation of the post.

1- That was written some time ago, is this how he feels today?

2- the bge already is quite adequate for simulation and the animation keys are directly transferable to 3d animation etc.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=quGPXLF1LiI one issue is that the system has issues over time, (longer video = longer encoding of F-curve)

3-(this is fine, people can finish projects in the version they can use)

4- Why not? I make game and author them now using the bge and I love it… why remove a functionality?

5- I don’t care for unity…

I don’t think Ton has even weighed in on the work by Agoose77 and Mahalin, as their work is based on their own opinions on what an engine should look like and how it should be coded (and as a result creates uncertainty as to how much collaboration will take place).

Also, it was said back when that roadmap was introduced that it’s not a final decision and can change over time. Also, the difficulties with the .fbx export seems to indicate that the BGE is not going anywhere for the time being (because there’s no suitable alternative for painless game development with Blender).

A final note, the BGE has actually been in somewhat more than maintenance mode with the bugfixes and new functionality it has received, but how much at this point really depends on how much time the devs. have for coding. Also when it comes to authoring not being a priority, the new game publishing addon by Moguri debunks that idea.

4 - The Blender Foundation has to support the BGE.
Even if the main Blender developers don’t explicitly work on the BGE, it’s still is a burden and has overhead such as with compiling, maintenance, consideration when implementing features.

5 - Hobbyists industry != Professional industry
This is somewhat tricky…In the case of Blender, there is a significant amount of professional users whereas with the game engine, virtually none AFAIK.

Can someone give me a link to whatever the hell you’re talking about?
(Sorry. I don’t exactly follow Blender update schedules. I’m still on 2.66 ffs because of the Touch sensor being gone in newer versions .-.)

I wasn’t arguing for or against anything I wrote… that was just my interpretation of Ton’s post. Whether or not he’s changed his thinking, only he can say. My guess is that he’s a little busy for a while working on a film and this topic probably isn’t getting a lot of his attention right now…

Michelle, I was referring to Ton’s roadmap post from about a year ago: http://code.blender.org/index.php/2013/06/blender-roadmap-2-7-2-8-and-beyond/

AFAIK, that is the most recent post Ton has made discussing BGE and I assumed what BluePrintRandom was indirectly referring to

Off-topic, but any particular reason you need the Touch sensor?