What is the correct way to Append a tracked Camera?

I did some motion tracking in the Movie Clip Editor. Then I tried to pull that camera movement data into another .blend but it didn’t work. I just got the camera with the constraint on it but not movement. I guess the curves got left out? Do I need to somehow “apply” the tracking data? Any advice appreciated!

Note: The purpose of this was to get some organic looking camera movement. It did not require the original footage. This is why I want to append just the shaking of the camera and don’t care about matching it up with the original footage. I don’t know if I explained that well enough but hopefully you know what I mean.

If you don’t need the footage at all just convert the track in the original file to curves and append the camera object or just the action. (hint: there is a big button for conversion on the camera solver constraint :slight_smile:

Thanks! “Constraint to F-Curve” - got it.
I was able to convert it and then it appended just fine :wink:
Then set the appended camera as the active one.
The orientation was not on the axis I wanted but I parented the camera to an empty, rotated the empty, and that worked perfectly!

Edit: One more tip I’ll share from my experience…
The jitter was a bit harsh at the new camera distance, so I put a Track To constraint, a Copy Location constraint, and a Copy Rotation constraint on the camera (and corresponding empties), and moved the Influence sliders to the appropriate levels. Quite happy with the results.