What is the correct way to assign IPOs in BlendedMidi?

Hi. I’m trying to sync some IPO actions with the notes on a midi file, using BlendedMidi.

I’m at the point where I have to enter the names of the “Master”, “Base”, and “ObIpo”. I have one object with IPO action to be used as the Master, and some duplicate objects with blank IPOs. How do I setup the other object’s IPOs in the Piano/Drum buttons?

Also, which IPOs get assigned to which “start/hit/end” buttons?

I’ve tried several combinations, but I’m stumped.
The documentation about it, what little exists, is a bit unclear (I think it even has some inconsistancies within itself) But the demo works, and what I trying to do is essentially the same thing.

Does anyone have experience with this plugin?

Turns out my problem was not using the right versions of Python and Blender.

At this time BlendedMidi still requires Python 2.2 and Blender 2.26 or 2.27.