What is the deal with this forum?

I am new member here, i started a thread asking a question, when i hit publish button a message appeared says that a moderater needs to verify the thread before it gets published, i said fine i am a new member that is okay.
BUT i waited hours before my thread published !!!
I am in a hurry to get an answer and the moderater verified it after hours???
I got an answer but it wasn’t enough so i posted a comment at my own thread and the same message appeared, and that was more than 6 hours ago!!!
When am i gonna get an answer???
Okay there is lots for moderators to verify but that is not my problem, why do i have to wait hours to get an answer? If you can’t get it soon then do not put this system and let the posts published immediately!!!
This is an educational forum why the need for such system?
Lastly big thanks for the moderators for their great job i am sure everyone is thank full for their efforts and it wasn’t in my intention to offend anyone but it really bugs me to wait hours before i get an answer.
Last question until how much post i have to wait to see my threads gets published immediately?

Sorry for the delays. The system thinks you are a spambot for some reason. I don’t think it will give you any more trouble, but we do our best to approve posts as fast as we can.

FYI free speech is frowned upon by most of the mods on this website. It’s pretty ridiculous in fact.

If you are talking about threads about politics, religion and such, they are not allowed for a reason. Threads like that inevitably turn into flame wars.

A forum is subject to domestic authority, executeable by the owner and designated moderators.
Its not about muzzling, but keeping stuff out they don´t want.
If you´r in my flat talking about stuff I don´t want to hear, I throw you out. You got your freedom of speech, just speak somewhere else.

People always think of a forum as a public place, while it is a living room you´r guest at.

when you joined, you agreed to abide by the rules.
if you don’t, they can kick you off.
some topics have been banned because they usually result in flame wars, trolling, etc.

also, if you have less than 15 posts, and your post contains a link, it may require approval. (or so i’ve heard; i don’t really know that it’s 15)

It’s because of a minority few who tend to bring the same old arguments that this rule may have been set in place. It’s ok to ask questions, and bring forth arguments provided they are within acceptable standards, and even better if you ask questions that no-one else would. Fortunately you can always search this forum for your questions’ answers.

Cry me a river that you cant shove religion down our throats every chance you get. Bible thumping should be illegal anyway.

I think you quoted the wrong person, haha. Anyway, you probably got that delay because you punctuate everything like this:

When am i gonna get an answer???

I hate when people do that.

Heeey, flame wars are fun!

This has absolutely nothing to do with free speech. unity is not being muzzled, he has just gotten tangled up in the anti-spam system, which is an automatic system designed to prevent unsolicited advertising from being posted. It’s automatic. We have no control over it.

That being said, allow me to remind you:

Don’t flood the forums with irrelevant and unnecessary posts or spam. BlenderArtists is a professional, moderated forum. It is a place to talk about all things related to Blender and computer graphics in general. It is NOT a free speech forum.

From our rules.

One of the mods edited it for me. Im sure I did it right.

It’s not possible to edit a post without leaving a trace, as far as I know. (Edited by ____ on _____)

PlantPerson: not knocking the system, but how is it that he got blocked, and real spam gets in?

Bringing this thread back into unity: if you have a question that needs answering fast, especially if it’s not a really advanced one, the best place would be the IRC channel over on freenode. There are several good ones, #blender is probably the most populated though, but there are others as well.
Generally I only ask questions that aren’t critical to continuing a project on BA.org unless I’m ok with letting the project stay in waiting till it gets answered. If it is critical to continuing, your best course of action is to just research it yourself, with a lot less time then you might think you will be the one able to answer the question for others.

The other thing that I’m seeing is a frustration at not getting any replies. Just remember that the only reason anybody answers questions from other users is out of the goodness of their heart, and/or a self satisfying desire to tell others what they know. knowing that, make sure you ask good questions 75% of getting an answer is having a good question. Unfortunately the other 25% seems to be up to luck.

I don’t know exactly how it works, but my guess is that his account somehow resembled an account that had a citation in the spam database. Perhaps there was a spammer called “unity” at one point, or maybe he said something that was similar to a line from a known spam post. Our spam system partly works with a database of known spammers, so it’s possible that it created a false alarm somehow. The reason some spammers slip through is that there are more of them every day, and they can’t all be in the database (although they are added when we delete their posts).