What is the difference between firefox and mozzila?

And which is better?

Mozilla made Firefox. So they’re basically in the same group.

Mozilla and Firefox were both developed by Mozilla.org, based on Netscape Navigator code.

Mozilla is more like Navigator in that it has multiple integrated applications, including email, composer, contacts, etc.

Firefox is a smaller, faster, and thiner version of the Mozilla web navigator engine.

In other words, surfing only? Speed a concern? Get Firefox.

Want a full featured application, with email and web page composition? Get Mozilla.

Good Luck!


small addendum: mozilla is not actually based on “original” netscape code ( and of course, neither is firefox)- when netscape went open-source, the Opensource developers decided that the code was too messy and unmaintainable (and perhaps didn’t fit with their design vision) so they just wrote a new architecture from scratch. That became eventually mozilla.
Back on topic: I find mozilla (still) to be ever slightly mature than the firefox/thunderbird apps. Firefox is somewhat sexier though, perhaps faster, perhaps smaller. So it really depends …

mozilla has an IRC chat intergrated to it also, which is a real bonus.


I really like the integration of Mozilla. If Firefox and Thunderbird had better integration with each other I’d switch. Oh, and I don’t like the google bar in firefox. Just so used to just pressing down and enter in Mozilla.


Thanks I’ll stick with mozilla

I used to use Mozilla all the time but I changed to Firefox based on the extensions. People say that Firefox is a cut down version of Mozilla but with the 3rd party extensions, it’s so much more. There is an extension for IRC too so the only advantage Mozilla gives is that it has a simple web page editor. But I use a separate app for that anyway because the Mozilla editor makes clunky html code, which doesn’t always display the same in IE.

Firefox has better tabbed browsing and better interface customization. I think that Firefox allows you to make a browser what you want rather than sticking a lot of things together in a package with some things you don’t want and things still missing.

I admit that it has issues with javascript and flash but I’m using version 0.9.3 so they might have fixed stuff by now. For pages that don’t work, I use Safari (Mac version of the KDE browser).

I love Firefox, it’s so fast and best of all - no ActiveX.

The Search box you mean? It’s not limited to google, you can have anything in there (wikipedia, ebay, amazon, yahoo search engine, …).


Please expound.

Please expound.[/quote]

Well, I haven’t used the more recent versions of Mozilla but last time I checked (v1.6), you couldn’t make all new pages open in tabs by default. Also, you couldn’t position the toolbar items anywhere you want, just enable or disable them. It’s possible I just never took the time to find out how it’s done but I still prefer Firefox for other reasons.

Or you can just get the ChatZilla plugin for Firfox. that’s what I did.

Fikrefox is sorta like Mozilla with all the extra features made optional. It’s much faster, because you only end up with what you want.