What is the difference between scaling and using Shrink/Fatten?

I can’t seem to figure out any sort of difference, If i have an edge of faces in the centre of a cylinder for instance and i scale from centre, i get the same result as if i shrink/fatten. So what exactly is the purpose of the shrink/fatten tool VS the scale? especially if i exclude an axis from the scale event. Isn’t shrink/fatten just scaling along normals?

Try it on a cylinder with a deleted cap/face on one side or multiple cylinders side by side joined in a single mesh. As far as I know shrink/fatten moves the faces along the normal direction while scaling would move it equally in all directions (if you’re scaling in xyz that is)

I always use the shrink/fatten to create baking shells/cages, especially helpful around areas like fingers where simply scaling it would clip fingers through each other instead of scaling equally around each finger.

I did, shrink/fatten seems to basically just be a “scale along normals”. So when i’ve been setting transform orientation to normals and doing a scale while locking one axis out, say shift+z, it’s been doing the same thing as just shrink/fattening does. So that’s why i was confused.