what is the installer for?

I expect there is link to this usual question!

and do we still have to download python - where from?.
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Blender 2.49b Installer (10.5 MB)
Blender 2.49b Zip Archive (15 MB)

The installer just puts all the files in a specific location on your hard drive and also associates .blend files to open in blender. Everything you can do by manually with the zip archive without having to think about it. If you don’t want the hassle just use the installer. Unless you need to use lots and lots of RAM you won’t get much out of using the 64bit zip file which is missing some features anyway
Python download http://www.python.org/download/releases/2.6.5/

thanks Richard
How do I choose!
not the mac of course!
thanks for the link

This is a production release; we currently support these formats:

i prefer the zip version. the installer burys the scripts folder in hidden files and folders outside the blender folder. blender will run without installing python but if you want to instal additional scripts you’ll need python. if you want a version of python with tons of scripts preinstalled try zebulons at http://www.zebulon.nl/en/home/25-download-release-and-svn/58-blender-249b-svn-28297-for-windows

if your aren’t useing 64 bit versions of blender you will need the regular version of python. there isn’t an installer for the X64 blender so you are useing 32 bit. its the 3rd down on your list, the one that just says X86 MSI

i installed the 2.49 non 64

Woah… what is it missing?

Also curious as to what is missing, as I have had more the 4GB of RAM for longer than I care to remember. One of the reasons I started using Linux was so I could use all my RAM.

  1. 4GB isn’t lots and lots
  2. If you get a build for 32bit windows that has LAA enabled then you can use close to 3GB of your ram for Blender

Blender 2.5:
3) The 64 bit windows version is without Jack Audio, Quicktime and Collada support
4) 64bit Linux should have everything

Blender 2.49
5) Win 64bit version doesn’t support all possible features yet, like FFMPEG, OpenAL and Quicktime.
6) 2.49 for Linux has FFMPEG and can include the rest if you get the right build.

I agree with rdo3 in that Zebulon’s builds on http://graphicall.org are awesome.
If you want a 32bit windows version of 2.5 with LAA, I upload a version to http://graphicall.org just about every day.

thanks .