What is the job title for someone who makes CG models?

What is the job title for someone who makes CG models? I’ve tried looking around, but I can’t find a title for any kind of occupation relating to CG… If there is a general title that would be fine as well.

3d modeler. Or CG Artist.

3D Modeler
| |
| |
Organic Modeler Hard Surface Modeler
|______ |___
| | | |
Character Creature Vehicle Environment
Artist Artist Artist Artist

EDIT : I made a wonderful :spin: chart but it got broken when I posted anyway :(…

CG Artist, 3d modeller or animator

Thank you for the replies!

Like This:


poor could be a good description if you cant find work :wink:

@ Journeyman : Thanks. :smiley:

don’t give us that ‘starving artist’ line again.

Technically a CG modeler could also reffer to a a CAD Operator or CAD/CAM Draftsmen, but as you are asking the question here I don’t think that is the case.

If you are just starting out and are looking for an internship don’t turn your nose up at a CAD internship. Depending on were you live there may be many more manufacturing/industry jobs than entertainment/graphics jobs. The too fields don’t over lap much but if you are into 3D modeling its a foot in the door.

I used to work at a studio that hired a PR company to do the PR, in the first batch of marketing materiel the PR company produced they refereed to the CG department as “CG WIZARDS”. But that’s not a very common title :stuck_out_tongue: