What is the likely hood Someone bakes Physical correct light in?

Instead of trying to intergrate Yafray or whatever into blender. Why not just change blenders to have a Physicaly Correct nature instead? I just spent most of the day re testing Yafray Sunflow Maxwell and the likes. I will name no names to who is better faster or slower.

But to my dismay. Having a new up to date render engine from teh get go in blender would be a major improvement when just staing from scratch over and over again.

It’s not really feature requests to add on/in more like, replace whatever render algorithm is current and try again. And it’s not an idea to put blender on the map. It’s already there. Just thoughts from teh outside looking in. Hugging my Blender shake and wishing there was a new life given to Blender… Thats all…


Lol, I think he’s saying that the current renderer is too slow for him, and he’s like a physically correct renderer like Indigio(if thats what it is…)??

Thats a guess.

I hate to think what his ‘shake’ is, or why he’s hugging it.


Refrence to a yummy Shake made from a Blender…
Nah I know the renders might get even slower… But if the time spent waiting provides a greater render of light calculation then it’s for teh best for those that are after renders of greater lighting quality.

Might? Will. And what do you mean by “even slower”? Blender internal scanline is fast.

But if the time spent waiting provides a greater render of light calculation then it’s for teh best for those that are after renders of greater lighting quality.

Good for those people, and nobody else. Blenders internal renderer is great, and produces fantastic results when used properly.

There are export scripts for other programs.

It’s not really feature requests to add on/in more like, replace whatever render algorithm is current and try again.

No it isn’t. It’s asking for a huge amount of work to be done. Don’t trivialise writing renderers, it’s incredibly difficult.

If I sound vaguely annoyed, it’s because I am.


Putting in a phisically correct renderer is hard. It’s will take a long time. It will take a long time to render, maybe days or so for a final render.

You can get realistic light like this:

That’s with Blender and Yafray. It didn’t take very long to find one this realistic, either. I wanted to prove that Blender can do fine, so I went to the gallery(http://blenderartists.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=27) and looked at the first pic.

You just need to practice. And, yes, Blender and Yafray are missing some things, like the bloom effect from the sun. But, the Yafray core is being recoded right now.

What’s this bloom effect? I heard it before but never what it is.

Everything is hard. But getting better results quicker from the start would be a great thing to encourage more use faster setups.

Starting the default Blender with a light setup of Gi or whatever that when you hit render shows a nice picturesqe sceen would be a far greater boost than what we have now.

As for teh Physical correct, it’s just one of those, "look at how far others are getting with their home baked render tools than blender built in. Besides refactoring when is the day the team desides , lets start over much like starting another light setup rig again.

bloom effects is more or less what u can get with the glow effect in the blender sequence module

Bloom effect is here:

This question can be answered, if you fin dthe answer to one of the following questions:

What is the likely hood that you can hire someone to bake physical correct light into Blender?

What is the likely hood that you can persue someone to bake physical correct light into Blender for free?

WWhat is the likely hood that you yourself can bake physical correct light into Blender?

Answer to the post topic: Next to Zero.

A renderer that is based on physical light simulation is a completely different animal from the scanline core of Blender’s renderer. They have different missions. Unless the primary mission of Blender changes to “produce renders for accurate architectural sims” it’s not going to happen, nor should it.

Also, why develop a whole new render engine? It would actually be much smarter
to maybe team up with some of the coders from other renderers to achieve a
greater connection with Blender, and maybe also spend some of Blenders great
and fast development energy on that/those renderer(s).

(Would love to see a renderer like Indigo get a Blender boost or something like
that… but for now, nothing of this kind is likely to happen.)

The Render API is in the back (or maybe the front) of Ton’s mind, and has been for a while. One of the goals is to put forward a clean API, as well as an expandable internal data structure to make support for external renderers seem much less… external.

None of the 3D apps I know gives anything more than a camera and an omni lamp and nothing else as a default scene.
Though, one can achieve great things in any of them.
However, for beginners, it could be a good idea to have somewhere (bundled? downloadable?) a small pack of preset scenes. Carrara gives this, if I remember well. Who volunteers to build the scenes? :wink:

Be well

I’m all for a recode of the render engine, if that will make things easier/faster.

One of the big reasons I work with blender’s internal engine is it’s speed, I certainly don’t want more complex algorithm’s that may be correct but will slow down the process.

BTW: you can make quite realistic renders using blender’s internal renderer… perhaps you need to play with it a bit more.

They’re not done recoding the renderer.

I know that sometimes is difficult to decide, but you’re asking both
a physical calculation rendering AND a faster renderer.
This don’t make any sense to me, as blender internal is fast
(maybe not the fastest, but still fast), while physical calculation renderer
are all much, much, much slower (probably you tried Indigo, you
had to wait a lot and then you thought “why not ask to blender team
to do the same thing, in a better way, and even faster?”).

Use a script/exporter and Indigo if you really need physical renderer, and buy
a better computer if you want it faster. Almost anoyone here can
agree that Blender team shouldn’t give priority to this request
(and that the actual renderer, builded some month ago, has no more
need for complete rewrite than any other renderer.)

Obviously, you can install a cvs server on your computer and start
coding a new rendering engine, I’m sure if it will be great the Blender
team will agree to insert it into blender.