what is the method you choose from these two, when modeling

these are the two methods

1.don’t add subsurface modefire while modeling

2.At the begining they add the subsurface modefire and then they continue modeling by turning on the “optimal draw”

the thing is this while modeling some times we have to smooth the object to see what it looks like …in this case we have to add a subsurface and see …but again we have to remove it …so it’s an annoying process

so actually what is the best way to follow from above two methods or is there any easy way to do it? thanx

yea found the answer thanx :slight_smile:

share your solution with us :slight_smile:

ohhhhh sorry dude i went to bed after replying that yesterday :(…actually there’s a button in the subsurface modefire to turn it on or off as hown in the picture :o


thanks allot :slight_smile: