What is the most applicable Modelling/Sculpting Method for this Reference?

Hello Everyone, hope we’re all well!

Was in the process of modeling this 2D-styled vintage hand cartoon. With this model, I’m up to modeling the palm of the hand, and as you can see in the 2D reference there’s a lot of round creases.

From the tutorials I’ve watched online the method I’ve attempted is;

• Use some spheres to create a rough outline of the overall shape

• Then re-topologies the mesh by having “snap to face” as a guide, and right-clicking and drawing out the individual vertices with a more even form and geometry

I’ve found this method a little challenging and was curious to know if anyone else had any other different methods they would use to tackle this?

Naturally from this question, I am quite a beginner and would love to know how everyone else would approach this to open me up to different ways this problem can be solved.

One idea I had was to draw a simplified rectangle version of the palm, with a subdivision modifier, and then draw a distinct edge around the creases and then bevel that edge to replicate the rounded look from the 2D illustration.

Thanks in advance for everyone’s help!

In the past i would have used the skin + subdivision modifier for the base shape, apply them and do the rest in sculp mode and then retopo it.

Now, i would simply box model the basic open hand shape, apply a subdivision modifier lvl1 to round out the shape and have more geometry to work with, add a basic rig and retopo some areas to avoid pinching when i close the hand with the rig.

I tried pulling the palm shape “back to basics”, but I’m struggling with how to divide it up and make smaller incisions on each crease in the palm to get a well rounded look with dimension and depth.

I think MetaBalls would be a good starting point and then move to sculpt…

Use sculpting, you’ll end up in no time. Model the hand open then use pose brush to curve the fingers.