What is the most realistic/efficient...

I was looking at Blender Scripts to get and i saw that you could export your files and render them in different programs, out of curiosity, what is the most realistic/efficient rendering engine available to blender, right now i’m rendering a 1135 frame animation with tons of textures and buildings and it’s been 5 hours and it’s only one 25 frames, this rate it’ll take a few weeks!

disable ray, or try to render it with yafray, or buy a new computer … :eyebrowlift2:

In any case it depends how you built your scene, not the renderer you use.
For anim you’ll always have to optim your scene to render, and check that before !

Having “realistic” and quick renders is usually not compatible, you know …

Also consider rendering in passes so you have better control of your result after 10 days of rendering.

I’ve also got Gelato installed. Next time I need AO or SSS I’m gonna try comping in Gelato passes with regular blender diffuse, etc. Gelato is wicked fast (even though it is dead).

Then there’s baking. Baking the light to textures can help with animations but all this depends on your shot and you specific requirements… you’ve got some stuff to google, now.

Gelato, isn’t that from Nvidia? Well i’ve been reading stuff and i know my renders are slow because of my computer, but i’m not getting a new one until the end of the summer. And i was thinking i might need to resort to baking, seems easiest. I have a lot of textures (9+ per object) and a lot of objects so i do the proccess in Jpeg images and i make “mini” vids of it every 100 frames or so. It’s at frame 67 right now so i might make one soon.

What in the world are you rendering? =D
I don’t have any quick solutions, but listen to what they say. :slight_smile: