What is the most similar program to blender

Last night i was thinking about that if there was no blender… or if need somethink more… than just blender, with is a lot…

So what is the most similar best program to blender?
I am thinking about Modo what do you think guys?

Well, I don’t mean to toot blender’s horn but I think I would say Maya. I’m considering more than just interface. Blender is just a good NURBS system short of Maya I think.

Modo is a kickkass subdivision modeler with an excellent renderer and basic animation and rigging tools that still are in their infancy.

For the long term it might be a safe bet and good AD alternative as they´ve been bought by The Foundry, but IMHO until now Luxology have been shockingly slow to really push the software into a full featured 3d program like Blender, Lightwave or Maya. It´s been a full decade now and it´s still missing lots of basic stuff. We´ll see if that gets better now.

Modo is closest to LightWave. While Blender, I have noticed, has similar features to a lot of different packages, it is still quite unique. I would say, since a lot of companies offer trial versions of their software, try a few of them out and see how they feel to you. The one you feel most comfortable with, would be the best choice for you to add to your skill set.

i was trying using 3Dmax… and i just get lost… setting all stuff and whole UI is made for clicking by mouse i don’t like that so much! I just watch movies about Modo… and this is part of Digital Domain program… and have pixar stuff… looks similar to blender in modeling style… however im looking on some rendering stage… not really modeling stage. I was trying houndini but this program is somethink really Tha hell is this… i spend 10H in night to get somethink working but it was really bad stuff, yes i know this is powerfull as hell app but c’mon im not hollywood.

Some one says that Maya is similar i can’t see that in with way? i was watching many videos and still i don’t see any similaritis.

Blender, in my view is in a class all it’s own. Nothing I’ve ever seen really mimics Blender well at all.

Which doesn’t surprise me at all. Many open-source development projects are pushed by establish members of an industry who think that they can build “the technology they really wanted all along,” and who actually have the software development expertise to do so.

Maya is probably the software most similar to Blender out there. Modo is good but it’s not anything like Blender.

Hmm, kind of depends on what you are doing. 3DS MAX uses a modifier system which I believe Blender got some of its inspiration from, though over all to say its unique to the point where its not similar to any application is probably the most true…

and also part of the problem when you consider how difficult it is for Blender to break through to a large portion of digital artist out there, those who feel more comfortable with the maya, max, modo, lightwave environments.

I lobe blender but there is problem with file support when i go some studios etc… you know i have to spend a lot of time onverting tweeking etc etc… or just using 3rd applications to do some stuff with is not nessesery. That is why i am looking for some sort of second application with i would have time to learn, still mostly using blender but i would be having comfort option you know to export to word standars with are coming Nuke etc…

Blender 2.5x for some time has had splash screen with check box selection to run Maya or Blender interaction.

Blender is in a class of its own: a hodge podge of useful, yet simple and basic tools, good for individual freelancers and small company.