What is the name of this cartoon mini series?

Hi there,

I am trying to remember more of this cartoon series from a long, long time ago. They aired it in cartoon network during summer. Of which year, I can’t say. But it could be 10 or more years ago. I just gave up on google and maybe you guys could help me name it.

The story goes like this: a brother and sister fly to moon with the help of a beetle that has for some reason left one of its leg at a previous visit to the moon. There was a moon monster guarding a tree (where the leg is stuck, I think). And there was also a polar bear for sent by a council of elders of sorts. It takes the children across a barren, snowy landscape (probably I am confusing this from another cartoon series :D).

I’ve tried to find the name of this series before but to no avail.


Peterchens Mondfahrt

Thanks! So it was a full movie which they showed as a series. I never realised!