What is the opposite of the near sensor?

I tinkered with it for a bit but ran out of time to work on it. If anyone can explain how to achieve an “greater than distance” sensor, please help me out. I realize this is probably super easy to figure out, I just don’t have time today. Thanks

If near -------------invert ?

So only if it’s not near?

I would personally use not colliding with “static ghost” Flag - property “Touch”

if Collision with bob invert--------------and---------do thing


NotNear.blend (439 KB)

Thanks BPR, I can’t test the .blend today but I think you get the idea. I thought it would be more like “if distance > 50 ---- and ----endObject” but I am not sure which sensor corresponds to “if distance >50” part. This is for a basic LOD and streaming terrain prototype which I will eventually code for added efficiency and functionality.

Have you tried kupomans LOD branch? it should be trunked soon I think

I have not really tested it thoroughly, but I have had a quick look at it. I can use it, but it is python based and for the sake of learning I want to prototype with logic bricks and then move to code. In any case I just reread through the manual and realized the “invert” button within the near sensor does exactly what I want, which is also exactly what you suggested. Thanks again.

I am not 100% sure about this, but I think having a “collision flag bounds” will use less CPU than near,

you may want to test it.

edit:I’ll make a little test :smiley:

I am not sure if this is a perfect test or not, but it looks like near is faster :smiley:


NotNearorNotTouching.blend (462 KB)

Update .blend /