what is the point here ?

of parenting meshes to other object’s point ?

I am talking about selecting vertices in edit mode
selecting another mesh with CTRL right button
and do CTRL P
what is this used for ?

Well parenting is really handy. remember a tank and it turrent. Without parenting the turret to the tank, and you drive the turret will stand on his place in the air while the tank drives away. When you model the turrent in one mesh the turrent can’t move in a cirkel. But when you parent the turret to the tank it goes with the tank when you drive, and also can turn in a cirkel using logic bricks. That’s why. :smiley:

Yeah thx, I know what is parenting :slight_smile:
but why bother parenting to aanoter mesh vertice ?

Well vertex parenting in realtime doesn’t work, it more for parenting for renders, A normal parenting does parent on the middle pink dot, but sometimes people want something else like: A sphere with a stick turns on it’s middle pink dot, but he wants to let another sphere turn on the end of the stick, but normal parenting uses the dot, but vertex parent can be done like parenting the another sphere to the end of the stick on a vertex. :smiley:

mhhh. I see
so I imagine an RVK with different mesh attached to each vertice
but anyway, if it does not work in the ge
why the [email protected]#k is that all the greates features of blender do not work in the ge
it should not take day to implement that …
thx a lot

No idea Rompel, really no idea why it doesn;t work or isn’t added. I still have some questions too that I never got answered or nobody can answer. :frowning:

Also note that “the pink dot” can be placed anywhere, with the Centre Cursor button…

Difference between “object” parenting and vertex parenting is in rotation - vertex parented object doesn’t follow rotation of parent object. I used it in creating skybox - it moves with camera, but doesn’t rotate, when camera does.

how do you link the vertices to a camera???
that’s odd
I thought it was the opposite

I have written it this way just for simplicity. In fact I had mesh object “camera holder” with camera parented to it. Skybox was vertex parented to camera holder. I controled motion and rotation of camera holder and skybox moved with it without rotating - that’s what I needed.

Yes, I use vertex parent for Camera in real time. Basically it solves rotation problems. I agree, remember you can move the rotation point, so as to get the result you want. Even on seperate meshes. It is a worth while feature in realtime, deffinately…

The NDN…