What is the point of NURBS

I was wondering, what is the point of NURBS. For modeling, they are a little bet useless, as you can do everything you can with them with polys (with the latice and subserf modifers) Am I missing sumthing

Am I missing sumthing

No, not really. Nurbs are a legacy from the original 3d cad programs, which allow 3d surfaces to be described by mathematical formulae. Using polys defined by vertices, combined by smoothing algorithms that blend everything together is more flexible.

I suppose that… NURBS are a LOT lighter. Model something, then do the same in NURBS (if possible) and save both in different files. Check file size now.

However in current state, I don’t know. Let’s see what happens with Nurbana code and after.

I think NURBS are useful in some cases. As far as I know, they are mathematicaly exact, so it is possible to exactly compute a point on surface. Boolean operations work on them very nicely.

They aren`t useless at modeling. You can create smooth shapes and more easily change them compared to polys. But when it comes to models with detailed surface, polys are usualy better (and with sculpt tools far better).

Yes, You are missing the correct spelling of something, also the organic style modeling & animation possibilities that Nurbs represent when they are implemented properly in a 3d app. Unfortunately they are sub standard in Blender until the aforementioned Nurbana code is implemented or they are revamped, brought up to date some other way.

If you say NURBS are useless than you’re an idiot! Why does every commercial 3d app contain them? Just because of fun? Because they’re so useless? You can’t do everything with polygon modeling :yes:
I hope that upcoming Blender releases get better NURBS!

I guess they mean the NURBS integration in Blender which is, so to say, quite useless…

If implemented properly, Nurbs are a very powerful tool, and they should render much faster…

Nurbs… hmm. Toy Story (and Bugs Life and TS2) was full Nurbs as far as I know.
IF Blender has decent Nurbs tools, and I mean really really decent tools that makes modeling a walk in the park, I would prefer Nurbs above anything.

  • Very light (ergo faster)
  • Resolution independent
  • Implicit UV
  • Kick ass Booleans
  • Always all quads

There are disadvantages that makes Nurbs less flexible in the modeling department (compared to polygon modeling that is), and that why it is very important to come up with tools to overcome those disadvantages.

Calm down, please. I think you should have decaf from now on…

He would probably be an idiot if he thought that everything he knows about NURBS (or anything) is an universal truth. If you haven’t noticed, he questioned himself about his beliefs:

Am I missing sumthing
I think this does NOT make him an idiot.

He asked for advice on this subject. He is trying to learn something. I don’t think he is an idiot for that.

I probably know a lot of things that you don’t (and vice versa). Does this make any of us idiots?


dont forget star wars… most of episode 1 was done with nurbs… I read somewhere anyway:oforget where though

NURBS is good for some people and not for others. I like to model with NURBS more then with polygons, but thats because the way I model resembles the work flow in NURBS modeling. Blender’s NUBRS are useless through (well, nearly useless). With out a doubt through mechanical modeling is best done using nurbs. I like to model from edge to edge, in blender this cane be done too, but its extremely difficult to move the whole line of verts nicely into a curve shaped line, when there are tons of other verts around. Thats the other thing, nurbs models are very clean, and the shape is not final lines can be moved after work is done if needed.

however, hexagon can use vectors to control any number of verts in a line, thats one feature I really really would like to see in blender, it would help a lot of people out. I can’t run hex on my computer, other then for basic stuff, any longer then 5 minutes and it goes out off wack on my graphics card.

Nurbana api is in Blender, but as long nobody picks this up, it will stay a blemish in the of Blender. So I think that NURBS should be dropped whole or developed further to the point it can blow raspberries in other apps faces.

Looks like I opened quite the can of worms. Looks like I need to learn NURBS now.

sigh Just when I thought I was starting to figure it all out.

Nurbs are still used extensively for product design… just not good in blender


please D/L yourself Maya PLE and test the nurbs tools. Please follow many product and character modeling tutorials

After that please re-evaluate that Polygons are better and that SDS are smooth. I think you do not realize how powerful NURBS are and that polygones with SDS got again more powerful - used but are NOT replacing NURBS at all.

4 point faces in Blender do not produce a perfect round disk when smoothed.
the same applies for example with T-Splines as well.

Depending on the workflow NURBS are better or not required, or SDS are faster or
actually just a pain and messy.

with NURBS you can model a head in separate patches, patches can have different resolutions and thus can you stitch a detailed ear into a less subdivided nurbs patch
without the fear of creases and bad geometry.

BTW in product design and engineering NURBS are, ah the only tool.
Rhino, Cobalt, viaCAD, solidthinking, solidworks, autocad, and and and

I read on wikipedia that NURBS were first used for car design, and are good with organic shapes?:confused:

depends what kind of organic design. Lets say a human face with lots of details, it would be much easier to use a polygon modeler. But lets say something that has nice smooth curves to it, like some kind of statute or organic looking structure nurbs would be easy.

like an argument about pencil VS chalk VS a paint brush.

If you are good with one use it…

I personally don’t use Nurbs because I know how to subdivision model any shape I need.
Yet I still see people doing wonderful models with nurb tools in applications like Maya, and even in a crap application like Truespace.
I have even seen some neat things that where done with metaballs .
I guess to each artist, it is different.

In blender dose Nurbs and Beizere surfaces get turned into polygons before rendering anyway?
I don’t think you can UV map a nurb either.

I am not one to criticize and I take and easily make do with what I am given but I don’t live in delusion: is there anything that’ll ever happen with Blender NURBS? They’ve fallen very low in the list of priorities as much as Blender is concerned it seems, justifiably so if Blender is to focus on stills and animation, not so justifiably if it is to be usable for product design or if the render API ever comes and we want to take advantage of the capacity of many render engines to work directly with those surfaces.

This must be the second most sourly debated subject in Blender history, next to UI and the most missed feature but by people that aren’t in Blender mainstream. If only there were a good free(dom) NURBS modeler somewhere…


From what I read nurbs are for nonorganic modeling while poly meshes are for more organic style modeling. also blenders nurbs are pretty useless campared to other apps like maya and other commercial apps