What is the poly?

Hi I’m new here. recently I made a Knife in blender that is supposed to be used for a game.
Thing is I wasn’t paying attention to keep the poly low.

Is the there a way to find out how much poly a mesh has without counting them all?

I would be very thankful.

Look to the right of the menu bar at the top of the screen.
You’ll see “Fa:” followed by a number.
That number is the number of faces.
If you want the number of triangles and have quads in your mesh, triangulate the quads first.

In the border up at the top of the screen the display shows number of faces (polys) edges and vertices. Looks like
Ve: 110-1772 | Ed: 169-3600 | Fa: 59-1760
Ve: vertices
Ed: edges
Fa: faces
the first number is the selection, the second number is the total.
Polys in games usually means triangles. If you’ve used quads to model your item, multiply faces by two to get tris.

Ohhh,OK thanks…is there any way I can lower it without re-modeling the whole thing?

This is a bad idea since game models are almost always a mixture of quads and tris when they’re being modelled.
Apparently a triangle count is going to be added to blender 2.5

Zeromath, you’ll probably need to delete edge loops / merge vertices here and there. Post a picture of your wireframe and I’ll try and help