What is the problem with "View" output of "Geometry" node, and "Window" mapping?

How to solve such problem I have:

I’m doing a BGE project, and I have shadeless material with texture on it, placed(with nodes) on “View” mapping. The problem is, I want my texture to be straight, but because of something it’s curved from the center to corners… I made a screenshot to show the problem, where red lines show how it is, and blue — how I want it to be, black — explanations, and half-transparent black — deform direction. (/list down/)

What about using “Window” mapping, which does not seem to cause such problem, has another problem — in BGE it just gives white. Hope you can help :slight_smile:


just parent a plane to a camera in a background scene?

Your distortion problem is something similar to a phenomena I had to deal with when working with webcameras: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Distortion_(optics)

It happens everytime you print to a flat surface something from a camera that has perspective: straight lines become curved.

I would like to have a confirmation on weither or not it is this effect that is happening, but considering you are using the “view” property, and you might be using a camera with perspective: it might be linked…

‘camera projection matrix’

That’s true — I use perspective camera, and “View” output of “Geometry”. I just checked about Ortho-view in viewport and it showed me my object light-blue. What I need to show now is what my project looks like.

That’s not all scene, but I hope you understood.

BluePrintRandom, I did it! I really used plane in background scene and made texture to it, and assigned Mask transparency to my object in main scene with value 0.01. So my object “replaces” itself with the texture then, and it’s okay. Thank you for the idea.

Nice, glad it worked out!