what is the reason of this?

My first pregnancy was six years ago. I have got a little angel at that time. After then I have been habituated on oral pill. From last one year I am continuously trying to being pregnant again but not getting any positive result. Still now I haven’t visit to doctor. So what is the reason of this? Kindly inform your helpful suggestion.

the oral contraceptive has lasting effects & it may be several months to years before it’s effects wear off & you become fully fertile again.

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You’re a new member, this is your first post in your first thread, why are you asking a CG forum such a seemingly important personal question about pregnancy?

Well, first things first: Do you have a man in your life? This would be a rather important factor in trying to get pregnant.

If that was an actual srious question, buy the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility http://www.amazon.com/Taking-Charge-Your-Fertility-Reproductive/dp/0060937645

this really is not the place to ask about that.

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On 10 news, they said recently that skim milk is bad for women, it blocks or obstructs ovulation. Drink whole milk, whole milk good increases chances of getting pregnant.

Drink coffee and you get boys. Also Greek sex not a good idea, there’s a theory but this is not the place to discuss it.:slight_smile:

The only reason you should have brought this up is if you wanted to us to 3d model what is happening and even then it shouldn’t belong on this website. Look google pregnancy community go have fun talking to other people who have those problems. I mean jeese were just a bunch of dorks who like to model things. I mean you got our pocket protectors in a knot. (Not actually I am just joking about dork part guys).

This forum is like 95% male.

And you are asking us about pregnancy?

when a mommy loves a daddy very much, they get togehter and something magical happens…

im sorry, im in high school so the goal is to do it and not get pregnant.

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Don’t worry NJ, the guy you’ll sleep with probably wont want to get you pregnant either.

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