what is the right exchange file format for 3ds max

hi, i’m working with other guys on a game and all the others are working with 3ds max.

everytime they send me files there are problems: .obj is messed up complety (adding faces where faces shouldn’t be), 3ds and dae works partly (without smoothing groups and renaming the meshes in a strange way).

so i’m wondering which file-format ist the best for exchaning files to 3ds- people ?

i’m on blender 2.36
thx for any infos

If it’s just a mesh object .obj will work fine. Check your import and export settings for both applications.
.3ds is crap as it has a poly limit and triangulates any quad mesh.
If you have animation .dae may work
.fbx but there currently isn’t a blender importer, though there is a GSoC to develop one, try get a build of that.

my experience with obj is the same -not so good. Because when i exported multiple objects from blender in one obj, you need to enable the option “import as single mesh” in max then (2009-2012).
Single mesh also means that uv layouts will be lost etc.
Really dont know why, but without that option enabled the mesh was always broke after import:(

I would prefer FBX export.
FBX export from blender to max works fine incl Keyframe Animation, but you need to convert the blender-fbx with adsk exporter first.

As Richard mentioned fbx is one way atm. hopefully gsoc will help for propper fbx import in blender.

Free FBX converter download here:

thx i’ll try that