What is the "Secondary" Tool option in the key configuration settings for?

Hi people,

when looking into the user preferences -> “Input” tab -> 3D View -> Weight Paint -> Stencil Brush Control (just as an example, there are comparable Stencil key settings in Vertex Paint & Image Paint as well…)

There are six entries: The first three Stencil Brush Controls set the keyboard shortcuts for Scaling, Rotation & Translation of Stencils in the respective Paint mode. These three keyboard shortcuts are marked as “Primary” in their “Tool” option (you can see that when you open the keyboard shortcuts setting with that little triangel…). Then there are additional three shortcuts for the same actions Scale, Rotation & Translation of the Stencil which use the “ALT” key in addition and their “Tool” option is set to “Secondary”.

My question: Are those “Secondary” key configs just alternatives for the “Primary” keyboard shortcuts and could they possibly be ignored/disabled or be overwritten by different functionalities or do they have any other purpose I haven’t come across yet? I don’t find any info for that “Secondary” tool settings in the manual or elsewhere.

Background for my question: I’m redesigning my keyboard shortcuts for Maya-style navigation as my original settings are conflicting with different painting settings (usually when the ALT key is used in combination with the mouse buttons) and if I could simply switch off or ignore the several “Secondary” tools for Stencil rotation, scale & translation that would save me a lot of headaches :wink:

thanks a lot for your help in advance.