What is the shortcut to bring the view to a selected thing?

In my desktop I use period “.”. Whether is a mesh object in Obj mode, or a vertex in Edit mode, the view goes right where the selected thing is. This is very handy.
But in my laptop using the period shortcut opens Pivot Point Pie instead.
I believe the shortcut I need should be found in the Preferences/Keymap/3D View/3D View (Global)
But I do not know the name of the command.

I hope you guys know what I am talking about.


It’s called “Frame Selected”

I suspected it would be that, but even though I unticked the checkbox for Pivot Point, and Frame Selected remained already by default on “Ctrl .” when I enter Ctrl . it won’t work.
I have also tried changing Ctrl to the OS key, to no avail :frowning:

Hmmm, it’s “Numpad .” by default…
and normal period for pivot pie

Unfortunately I do not have a way to use the Numeric pad in this laptop :frowning:
BUT, I was able to change the Numeric . to just . and that worked!!!

Thanks for helping SB :slight_smile:

If you press the ~ key, then choose ‘view selected’ that should do it. Also, there’s an option in preferences under input to emulate numpad, and it will make it so that the numbers on your keyboard become the numpad numbers.