What is there specialize in in blender?

I KNOW its been asked many times, I made this account specially to ask this and maybe get some tips and tricks on some blender stuff.
I have an office pc pretty much, i3 9th gen, amd rx580 hdd and ssd and some cheap motherboard, and I see that one 2k rez frame takes 17 minutes to render in cycles so its painflully clear to me that I should pick one thing to focus on in blender and do that and less rendering because I am crippled in that regard.
I should have put this in the beginning, I am a beginner, fresh barely 1 month into it maybe a little more. I want to do it as a hobby and get good enough to be on the same level as a professional. I scoured the internet about what to model and how to get good at it, and now I’m doing glass stuff, bottles glasses etc next I plan something a little more detailed like binoculars, then a bicycle etc etc.
The question is basically can I make money just by modelling ? Is modelling enough or should I add something to my skillset.
Thanks :smiley:

Modeling is a great place to start.

Don’t worry about making money, just do it.


Modeling is where it all starts, but if your main reason to do this is ‘making money’, then you won’t last. 3D pro-level requires immense passion and dedication, bordering on the obsessive.

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Wow thanks :grinning:after some time I wasn’t expecting replies. I am pretty focused, not exactly obsessed,but like everyone noob I tried to make something too complex an screwed it up. Now im taking it down a notch and made a few glasses,and I’m trying to model everything in my room and make a scene sometime in the future.
I like that now I know ho to fix wrong turns like applying modifiers too early or too late, or bad topology, and I feel like I’m learning more each time I repeat some technique. It’s fun. I hope I don’t lose interest

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