What is this and how do/can I fix it?

So I’m currently working on this face and when I finished, it makes this really weird rippling effect (Image attached is after I set to Shade Smooth, it isn’t visible in Shade Flat).

No matter what I do to get rid of it, it doesn’t go away, sometimes even makes it worse.

The only modifiers I have on are Mirror and Subdivision Surface, which I only have set to 1. Turning it up sort of helps, but it still leaves a really ugly crease.

Is there a way to fix this? Thanks in advance.

Quick update, I closed without saving and now I have this.

Smoothing is based on the normals, so if the are in different directions… not good. See Overlays → Face orientation and you see blue and ted faces (different direction). See Mesh → Normals to recalulate. Seond image: Material Preview instead Solid? Material is one sided: faces are only visible from one side (controlled by normals).

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