What is this and how do I remove it?

What is this and how do I remove it? http://gyazo.com/e9b35a1c1423a656b4bfb9813cff0be4

It’s the 3d curser.
Why do you need to remove it ?
In properties panel (N) under Display you can enable ‘Only Render’

Something good to know. Select a vert or object then SHIFT + S > Cursor to selected. That will zap it to that 3D space you selected. Your SHIFT + A (ADD) will then begin right there. Huge time saver when adding to a complex scene with lots of coordinates.

Cursor has many uses including being used as a pivot point for rotation.

New member, one post - no surprises here… sigh. I am sadly skeptical, but good luck with Blender and hope to see lots of nice work from you soon!