What is this I don't even


Blender UI/interface disappearing/gone/invisible

Anyone ever had this bug? It’s the 64 bit version and so far the only way to fix it for me was reinstalling with the user files going into the installation directory…

I’m pretty sure this is some type of OpenGL error. You could try resetting the settings to “Factory Default”- that worked for me when I experienced this.

Happens every time I reload the startup file (only to the top header with File). Simply resize the window or resize that specific pane and it re-draws, then it will be fine. I’ve also noticed sometimes it “dissapears” during use, but they have a “new” feature in there somewhere that allows you to “rollup” the header (and/or tied to the little + sign). I think it works as designed, but I think most aren’t aware of it so it gets percieved as an issue.