What is this little thing...

I have not used Deep Paint 2 in quite a while, but I don’t remember ever having read anything about this little toggle anywhere in the help(I reread and reread the help), and I googled for days and cannot figure out what it is, what it does, and how to use it.

I toggle it on, paint, and notice nothing with the paint tools, and can’t seem to find any parameters that correspond to it.

lol… Maybe there is no toggle, and it is just a mirage and I just need to take my meds.:eek:

It seems to toggle on and off a display box with information about the color selection made in the color palette’s slide bar at the bottom that corresponds with where the selection box is on the main pallet, so if you drag the slider back and forth you can observe the changes in RGB and HLS.

I guess it is a time saver so you don’t have to go and check the selection box. Hmmm.

Thank You,

That seems to be exactly what it is[As I punt my self through the goal]… And I would have never figured it out. It was getting under my skin. I was trying to ignore it, but it was like it was taunting me, with it’s tongue out.

Deep Paint seems to have a gadget for everything… I was almost worried that it had something to do with how the C/B/S acted, or how the light parameters effected the colors… But, I am relieved… and I want to choke my self at the same time.