What is this Tuhopuu???

I have no clue what this Tuhopuu is. You are probably all thinking “Yeah, this guy knows nothing.” or something like that, but, I’m sorry, what is Tuhopuu? I saw some screen shots of it, and apperently it’s the next generation blender? could someone tell me a little more?

Thanks in advance

EDIT: Sorry Sorry Sorry, I know that it is just to test out blender without needing to redo everything because of a mistake, or something like that. But what is that Next Gen Blender thing that endi is talking about?

tuhopuu is an experimental version of blender, which can be obtained, along with CVS builds ( the most current, though non official, blender builds ) in the testing builds section of the developers forum, at blender.org. these builds represent the current state of blender, but tend to have the occasional bug. that is why they are testing builds, and not official builds.

endi has gone mad. Just ignore him.

not really, he was making a point, he is getting really mad at how they are redoing the interface, you can see his true thoughts in another thread.

Tuhopuu is a blender fork.
A fork is a splitup from original code.
Currently Tuhopuu(3) is used as a test area for new features.
But Tuhopuu is also used as a VJ tool with special text abilities.

Anyone can start there own fork of blender, and write features and tools they need or think they need. If they think they are usefull to others they can submit them to the BF to try to get them in the official blender release.

This is actualy the prefered method. Instead of asking for new features or bitch about changes; get a copy of the source code and start adding what you want to the code yourself.

he is getting really mad at how they are redoing the interface

same as last time the interface was redone, before he decided it was the greatest interface in the history of the universe. in any event the interface was not designed for one individual, so imo it’s neither here nor there.