What is Tilemode for?

What does this ‘Tiles’ button in texture face panel do? I clicked it but nothing happen?

In the UV/Image editor goto View, Realtime Properties and set the number of tiles.


is for the game engine only, is it not? If you are trying to tile a normal texture, you can either set repeats in the texture panel, or change the size in the MapInput panel.

huh? I tried it… it look like it divided my image instate of tiling it and it does not show up in game mode? Yes RogerWickes! I’m using it for game, It to much work to scale the UVs just to get the number of tiles on more than 1 object of the same texture.

best to post in that forum, then.

ok… but Fligh! Is the tile mode suppose to do that?

Fligh has stepped out for the moment and will be back…momentarily. But yes, it is supoosed to do that, the idea is that you have many tiles on an image, as a way to conserve pixel space. Then, each face can use a different “tile”.

I don’t really get the idea on using it? Ok… so it divided my image but it still does not show in the game mode when I press ‘P’. Is there any example on using this tile mode?

If the texture is UVMapped it does show in the GameEngine. It’s meant for grass, roof tiles and other such mundane textures. You map only the Active face, tile it (it splits the image in half for each tile increment so if you go too high you end up with only the bottom left corner of the original image) then select all the other faces you want to include and click “Copy UV+Tex”.


I really still don’t get this. Can help me C what when wrong?