what is time in fluid simulation in physics tab.?

sir ,

i have recently come across this time option in the fluid simulation in blender.can u help me with , like it means , it’s usesetc…

time is affecting the calculation process and speed of simulation.Depents on your animation framerate and your needs. 1 means 25 frames for 100 when your setup is 25 frames per second…2 means 50 frames. then animation is 2 times faster but calculation is less precise… but you can setup substeps. Best way I think is to leave it at 1 for normal simulation stuff and set up a good substep value if something is going wrong. Thats how I understand the fluid settings at the moment. Maybe test around with a simple scene to figure out and tell me :wink: . There are some good tutorials but that did not give me the key to understand it realy. My workiflow is normal timing and rendering everythign and doing the timing in post.