What is trunk and.....


I here alot about this trunk, and Harmony Branch.

What are these programs, are they modified versions of blender, it seems by what im hearing they havemore features. Are they version specific? Can someone tell me a little about it?

Repositories are tools to manage project files (see CVS, Subversion, GIT).

They track each change to each file they manage. A Repository stores them at a central location and if necessary you can get older versions of a file. The majority of the maintained files are usually source files. But they can be any kind of files. Uncompressed text files are preferred as it is easy to compare them with another version of the file.

The main development line is called trunk. The trunk usually contains the “official” sources.

If you are developing at the same project you can grab your private copy of the project files (working copy).
You can played back modified file into the repository. The repository takes the changes of the files only (patch).

Usually the trunk is not writable for the public and changes are only accepted after a review from the owners.

To enable you to have an own “sub-repository” you can open a branch. This is a copy of the trunk but you apply your changes to this branch only without the need to go through the review process. With the branch you still have the advantages of the repository without disturbing the trunk.

You can merge changes from the trunk into the branch to keep it up-to-date.
When you complete your development you provide your modified files for review.
Accepted sources can be merged back into the trunk (re-integration). After this your project is done and the branch can be closed.


  • the trunk contains the sources of the official blender
  • the branches contain sources of the official blender + additional features under development.

Thanks, I was wanting a clear explanation of this as well. It thought it was something like that, but never was totally sure.