What is up with the PCDIY glow fetish?

I switched from Mac to PC nearly 15 years ago and couldn’t be happier. One thing still puzzles me is why almost every DIY PC parts has to glow. When I built my current workstation 5 years ago, finding parts that don’t glow or at least can be turn off wasn’t very easy.

Now the glow fetish is popular than ever. I got a Logictech G610 mechanical keyboard last week (tired of replace membrane keyboard every 2 years), it doesn’t just glow but glows in patterns. lol Then there’s new GTX 1080, most of them glow too. Thank god they can be turn off. I’ll turn them on during Xmas season. :slight_smile:

Most hihg end computing hardware is built for gamers, and if you have seen what science fiction games are like, they are, well, glowy. Things glow, lot’s of bloom, lens flare etc.
As a result, gamers tend to think that things that glow are cool, and that extends to hardware.
So much of the high-end non-server hardware has extra LED’s in it.

That said, if you look hard enough you should be able to find non-glowing parts. My desktop has only a single glowing part - the chassis fan, and I’m planning to replace it.

will people tend to think that advance tool,s glow .well it least that was how thy thought in the past 20 years , you can cee it on ther Scenic fiction movies and cartons so thy just did what thy sow back then ,and yeah i think you can call it a fetish

Funny that this thread came up the same time that I couldn’t stop thinking about a horse strapped with a bunch of LED lights with Cyclops’ visor.

come to expect this of PC parts but what’s narking me at the mo is them putting glows onto mice etc that are permanently powered by the USB. when i power off my PC, unless i switch off at the PSU the goddamn mouse sits glowing on the desk - WTF for? who thought this would be a good idea?

easy man ,it,s just a glow, you an change the mouse if you dont like it my mouse is just as your,s ,:slight_smile:
it,s kinda weerd to call it fetish ,is,t just what people like to do some of them dont even have glow on there mouse ,whene i her the word fetish all i think is feet fetish

I think it’s widely considered that everything is cooler with lights, lots and lots of lights :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, one reason why light displays on PC setups are popular is because there’s a big market for them in the form of selling them to gamers (who tend to want flashy and edgy designs). However, it comes at the expense of others who just want a good quality PC that prioritizes performance over the way it looks (because building light shows into cases, keyboards, and mice do not come cheap).