What is vertex painting?

Can’t find it in the manual. Any tutorials anyone knows of?

With vertex painting you can assign colors to the vertexes directly and use these colors for the material. You select “vertex paint” in the combobox where you have “edit mode” and “object mode” also (is there a hotkey for this??). The color to paint with is selected in the button window (editing) in the “paint”-panel. Doing the actual painting is done with LMB in the 3d-view directly on the object.

This might not be completly accurate since I am new to blender so anyone please correct me if I’m wrong … :slight_smile:

Thanks - and I’ve just discovered you have to have VCol Paint selected in the material buttons before you see the effect in render.

Now, why can’t I get texture painting to show anything?

it must be UV mapped

yep, you have to set your UV coords, then load an image texture in the UV editor ( usually just a blank texture ) and then go into texture paint mode, both in the 3D window, and the UV window. you have to be in texture paint mode in the 3D window, or your paint tools won’t show in the edit buttons.

OK - it’s part of UV texturing.

Isn’t this texture painting? I can do vertex painting without having to set UV coordinates or load an image texture…

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