What is wrong with local view in 2.25-2.28c?

Hi all :slight_smile:

I run in some problem when I finally decided to switch from 2.23 to newest version. I was using local view a lot in my work, it is great advantage to select one object I want to test render, go into local view and render only this object.

But on newer versions then 2.23 this somehow don´t work- even if I have only one object in local view, when I hit F12 the whole scene is rendered.

Did I miss some switch in options or is it going to stay like this (little unpractical imho)

Thanx in advance :smiley:

When you hit F12 it automatically renders based on the position of the camera. At least thats my impression. You can set up alternate cameras for rendering one object on one layer…I think.

That is not what I mean- in 2.23 when you hit F12 while being in local view, only object currently viewed (those which you have selected before going into local view) were rendered from main camera.

It was very useful when you wanted to tweak details in scene, yet simply to use. I know, that I can change layers and render only layer, but it is not so quick and easy as that old way :slight_smile:

The problem is lighting I would think…how would it render a single object if your lights are on a separate layer or aren’t select?

You can still click the “render this view” button on the viewport headers. Its fast and ugly, but it works.

We still don´t understand each other :slight_smile:

It IS working way I described in 2.23 and as I use this function a lot I am curious, why such a usable thing is not in higher versions, or rather I am curious whether it is not really there, maybe I just overlook some option in options :slight_smile: I will use 2.23 for this, it is not such a problem, but would like to use 2.28 permanently, It has so much better things than 2.23…

Tol, I think that is an already known bug. Check the tracker at blender.org. :slight_smile:

Ah, if it is the bug, well then, I am glad it won´t be like this forever :smiley: Thank you :slight_smile: