What is wrong with my jaw?

Don’t bother with this. It was a mistake

I’ve never really understood why people would ask for medical advice on an internet forum, especially one dedicated to computer graphics. If you have a medical problem, call or go and see a doctor about it. That will be much more realiable than a bunch of people using wikipedia and google to find something that would fit the symptoms.

I´d go to see a doctor, they might be able to fix it. My research in various medical forums show that if you wait longer your jaw will lock, then fall off and you´ll turn into a zombie, then there´s nothing to fix, you´ll just be put down and burried in the yard.

your jaw will lock, then fall off and you´ll turn into a zombie

This is exactly why zombies prefer soft, mushy foods such as brains.

This is a silly question, they should invent a recycle bin so you can put all your stuff in there. It’s not really a problem to me anyway. I should use a health forum.

No, you should go see a doctor. One that physically manifests as person with an education in medicine.
Or is Australia a medical healthcare desert where you got to trade a kidney for a friendly hello from a physician?

Simple, it just moves too much. Try casting it in concrete! (Thanx arexma!) And just kidding gl5406!

No, you should go see a doctor. One that physically manifests as person with an education in medicine.

Do both if you have to.

I remember seeing one medical forum called steadyhealth. You could go there.

And then see a doctor while you’re at it. :smiley:

Btw, the same thing happened to me, but it went away after about a day, so I didn’t worry about it…

The thing isn’t bothering me at the moment. I didn’t explain it clearly before. It only happens when I move my jaw a certain way. No need to reply, I don’t need to go to the doctor because I’m sure I’ve had this before. Now I’m not really happy because I’ve got a cold. :frowning:

@arexma we don’t do that, we do what everyone else does. No offense to you, but it’s like saying how Australia rides kangaroos to school. We use cars…

Hear hear… what everyone else does?
Schoolkangaroos are a stereotype. Bad/No public healthinsurance for many parts of the industrialized world is a fact.

So if in Australia you got to pop up the wallet just to get an appointment it´s undersandable why you hesitate to go to the doctor with a minor thing. If you got public health insurance, and the treatment is paid for by taxes, it is not understandable.

@arexma I think kangaroocars is a stereotypical thing. Actually, use a k instead and it’s kangarookars, and that looks funny. Anyway, I’m not really good with insurance and taxes :0 I think I’ll leave it at that.

@arexma, Stereotypes aside Australia does have relatively decent healthcare system. Well beyond that of the US but probubly not quite on par with Austria (Altho Im not 100% on that last one)
We do have public (and of course private heath insurance), with the majority of an appointment payed by ‘taxes’, so yes this isnt an understandable situation.

I think it doesn´t really matter if it´s on par or not. As long as you don´t have to worry to go bankrupt if you break a leg or need surgery it´s OK in any case. In Austria you´re taken well care of in any case of sickness. Our docs usually have a contract with the public health insurance and various treatments are covered, if you need something additional, it´s either pay up or have an additional private insurance. You basically pay extra for the stuff that is not necessarily needed to heal or to make you work again, like, I dunnow, white tooth fillings instead of amalgam.
If you work, health insurance is taken from your wage, if you´re unemployed and listed as such, the gouverment pays your health insurance, and if you are just a poor sucker with no money, no nothing, you fill out a form to lower your assessment base and then you got to pay for yourself, but pay around 1/5th of the monthly fee.

But discussing this any further would prolly violate the forums TOS as it would get political :smiley:

On a sidenote, I suffer from the kangaroo-stereotype often as well, as it seems a vast majority of people isn´t able to differentiate Austria and Australia :smiley: