What is wrong with my node set up?

Really trying to get better at doing nodes and stuff on my own, but I always find my way back here needing help.

My problem is that my label is coming out dull. The colors are much brighter on the design then they are on my model. I just want the shiny, reflections on my label, not the dull parts with no reflection. Anyways, I think it’s likely because I have a mix shader with a dull white, and an image, and no factor, but Im not sure what to plug into factor.

I’d attach the .blend file but it’s giving me issues packing the resources, so hopefully this screenshot will be enough.


I reckon it’s because you are mixing in a white diffuse node and transparent nodes into your textured diffuse node. For what you are trying to achieve - your node setup seems far too complex.

Try doing this:

Thanks. I had a similar set up before hand, but it completely covers up my design. Any areas that aren’t highlights, I dont want to be shown. See attached


Swap the shaders round on your mix node. Glossy should go in the bottom slot.

Thank you! I had no idea the order affected the effect. Now I have a black background where it should be transparent?


edit: i did it this way, is this correct, or is there a more efficient way of doing it.

The black parts seem to be associated with the transparent part of the png.

If the bottle is supposed to be transparent - you can probably use the alpha output of the texture to mix between your diffuse and a transparent/glass/refraction shader.

I think this will work…Insert a mix node after the diffuse, plug a transparent shader into the second slot of the mix - then link the alpha output of your texture to the fac slot of the new mix node. You may need to swap the order of the shaders like above as order will be important again.