What is wrong with my normals?

Hey there, I have some problems with a .blend file that keeps looking strange in the GE. This picture explains it all: http://i.servut.us/i/Screenshot2.png

I have tried to recalculate the normals, but it didn’t work.

Also, sometimes when editing one of the faces looks a bit strange:http://i.servut.us/i/uglyface.png

It is not selected or anything, it just looks that way.

Can anyone explain this :D?

the .blend file can be found here if you are interested: http://up.servut.us/10840

make sure there are no duplicate faces. select all faces, then in the editing tab, click remove doubles

Sometimes when you have more than one edge very close together, for instance…

if you have a stretch of verts connected by edges and there is one edge that goes from the first to the last vert, creating a double edge along the whole stretch.

In other words make sure you don’t have any wierd situations like that with your edges. Sometimes remove doubles doesn’t fix this.

Also make sure you didn’t make unnecesary alpha planes on the objetc.