What is wrong with my objects ?

Whenever i render this desk i do not know why my desk is not in the picture.And the only thing i get every time is a one completely black view.even i added an other object and then rendered it at the end the new object is ok,though my desk isn’t.And it seams there is no any desk in the scene!!.I did it to see my probably mistakes at other parts such as render,object properties and whatnot.But I have not realized yet !!:confused:
Desk.blend (683 KB)

You’ve turned off renderability of all of your objects in your scene except the camera and lamp
Another observation, you really need to get in the habit of naming your objects

All your objects are hidden to rendering (the camera icon on the right in the Outliner)
Make them visible and they will render fine.

Grr… too late


Yes,That was what i should have done with my scenes .I do appreciate.:yes: