What is wrong with my water ?

Hello guys, I am working on a scene and I want to make my water transparent, so it looks a bit real, but it looks weird. Firstival there is a dark and light are, and a lot of dots in the texture. You can see everything in the attachements. Plz help me what is wrong. Thanks.


an another mix shader and a transp node

happy cl

I rarely work with water for my typical projects, but this is how I would approach it:

Mixing glass with diffuse using fresnel is just wrong. Use volume absorption and/or scatter instead, derived “correctly” based on amount of volume ray interacts with rather than some fresnel function of viewing angle.

Thx man, this did the thing. The weird darker color was just a green texture at the bottom of the mesh. Now its all cool.

Thanks you a lot, the post above did its thing, I am going to try this when I have more time, on another project maybe.