What is wrong with my weight paint?

Hi all,

Can some one please tell me what the heck is going on with my weight paint and possible ways to fix it? I’ve only rigged and animated one character prior to this so my experience is limited to that and I did not have this problem. Take a look at the elbow in the image attached.
-I’ve played around with the weight paint of the lower arm, upper arm and wrist
-There is not another bone tugging on that mesh by accident
-I even tried adding a bone specific to the mesh on the elbow area but the effect is iffy at best. . .
-When trying to parent the mesh to the armature, it has a 60% rate that it won’t automatically weight paint the vertices group on the lower arm area.
-There are no duplicate vertices
-Prior to parenting mesh to armature, there were not any modifiers pending to be applied.

Many Thanks!

The elbow, the extra bone that’s sticking up, is that pole target there? Looks like some of the weigh is ending up on that bone. Make sure Deform is checked “off” in bone property for that bone.