What is wrong with the numeric text field?

I am working in 2.9 and when i try to slide with the cursor inside the numeric field input to raise it or lower nothing work?

I am working at 0.01 scale on a large temple complex.

Even clicking on the arrow at the end of the numeric output field doesn’t work.

It is working in object mode but not in edit mode.

It doesn’t work for both my mouse and my tablet pen, sometime it work randomly but can only raise or lower the numeric field by increment of 1 or very slowly.

Which numeric field? It is located in a modifier perhaps?

Like the inset tool or any other numeric fields that you can raise with the mouse sliding left or right.

It work fine if i work at blender default scale of 1.0

In 3ds max we have 2 hotkey for slowing down the numeric input or to make it go faster but in blender it seem that there is only the shift key to make it go slower but nothing to make it go faster.

Sorry i don’t understand what you mean here since i recently switch from autodesk suite!

Ok, i understand what you mean. I dont have exp in this, didnt work hat such big/small scales yet.
You want the scaling speed still independend from the unit scale.
I didnt not know why blender not scaling it independend and if it is indended to to so, i would guess it is a design flaw.

Can somedody else make it more clear? Maybe it is a topic for the developers to watch on.

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It certainly have something to do with scene scale and 3ds max had similar issues but we have a key to hit to speed up spinner or to slow down but in blender we only have one to slow it down.

I cant find an open issue related to your problem, there where other issues related to unit scale in the past.
Please open issue here and descripe your problem: https://developer.blender.org/maniphest/

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Will do it as soon as i can and i don’t think that implementing a key to speed up numeric value would be very hard to do.