What is wrong with topology and UV mapping?

Sketchfab link…

It was rejected because of topology and UV.

Rejected in what sense? Were there specific requirements you had to meet?

To my (amateur) eyes:
At a glance edge flow seems okay, though overall density is weird. Much depends on what your end goal was, so it’s hard to say.

Some things are not properly unwrapped at all: hands, feet and some fingers apparently don’t have seams on them and got deformed into those big round shapes. If you look with UV Checker, distortion really becomes apparent.
There’s a lot of empty spaces everywhere, which could’ve been used by, say, making islands larger.
I’m confused by seams in the face as well.

It’s might be easier to unwrap a model with some kind of grid / uv checker texture applied, so you can see density and distortions while working. You can generate one in Blender and enable Texture in Workbench.
Have fun and carry on!

It was rejected by sketchfab for selling.
They only told me topology and UV, plus optimized materials.

Now I see what you say about UV mapping. I know how to fix that now.

Could they have rejected the topology because the models body was shrunk to make it fit the cloths. You can see the model without it’s clothing and see the model.

I’d think “topology” has more to do with how it flows, what density it has… and whether parts of the model has to be there at all. If something is supposed to be forever invisible, you might as well delete it and save some polygons and UV space. There has to be good enough reasons for things to have more polygons than others. Remember that denser parts will be more difficult to weight paint / animate.
Some parts are really dense compared to everything else. That lace, for example, having a very round bevel profile, eats up your polygon budget without contributing anything of value (for silhouette or deformation). You won’t even be able to SEE how round it is anyway, so what’s the point? You can optimize it. Same for eyebrows (horizontal loops).
Hair is another thing, probably.

Your topology is OK…but your UV are a real mess…If you looka the just the Face it is split into 3 sections one on each side and one down the middle…you will never get a good UV image from that…Look at your Normals to see what I mean, the don’t line up across the center not only on the face but on the clothing as well…

Topology…is far better than the UV’s

I would suggest that you study a bit more on how to better Un-Wrap your model

I’ll try and take the delete method next time. I had deformation problems with the armature doing this in the past, so I try and shrink the parts I want to stay under the cloths.

I looked at the teeth, and I think they might have rejected the teeth. I have to retopo the teeth parts, gums and tongue.

And also do better job on the density like you said.

Maybe they didn’t like my hair UV?

I’ll have a look at it. I see from you example problems with it.

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I watched it. I know what would make it better next time.

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