What is wrong?!

I made this head (you’ve probably seen it in WIP), and when I joined it to the body in now is coming up like this with criss- crossed faces.
It really doesnt make a difference in the render.

That looks very strange. I am guessing you have 2 joined meshes occupying the same space. Did you possibly do a retopo and accidentally join the meshes? select a vertex, and press ctrl L, which will select all the vertices that are connected to that vertex. If the whole thing gets selected, I don’t know what to tell you. If only some of it gets selected press P > seperate selected.

No it is one mesh head joined to the body. There is nothing else in the same space. No retopo, and all of it gets selected. Should I remodel the head and hope it comes out the same? Or is there someway to fill in all the missing faces without doing them one by one? Because there are a lot of missing faces and I dont want to spend a whole day piecing it back together.

were you using multires by any chance? I have noticed it is still a bit buggy, and it might have affected the joining process. anyway, what I would try, is, open a fresh blend, and hit shift F1, and append the object, and see if that fixes it. Otherwise, go back to the last blend before you joined the meshes, and if either mesh has a multires, take it down to the level you want it to be at, and apply it, before joining.

No multires, and appending didnt do anything. Thank you for your time though

I guess it must be a corrupt file. That is the only thing I can think of. It happens occasionally, not often though.

did one of the meshes have a mirror modifier and the other not if so, either apply the mirror, or delete helf of the mesh that doesn’t have a modifier.

The head had a mirror modifier, but I applied it before I joined the meshes.

Maybe select all, Ctrl-w, remove doubles, then press ctrl-n and recalculate normals?

Nope, no result. Thanks for trying though.:wink: