What is your best workflow to retopo in 2.92?

Hey there!
I have been struggling with retopology lately. When it gets tricky for me is when I have In Front turned on and I see the wire and back of the other side of the mesh.

It makes it very hard to see. I know many others have this issue, and some use addons like Draw Xray or other tools to get around this.

However I am wondering how people solve this and other issues in Blender. What is your method of choice?

Currently my best option is to NOT use In Front so I can work in a solid object that hides everything.

/ Gabriel

I usually use InFront and check Backface Culling in Viewport Shading options to at least hide faces. Not perfect, but better.

Also a few days ago it suddenly hit me: we can set Alpha in Object Color. It overlaps with itself, but allows to see hires mesh.

Works for me, but I think, the option to hide “backface” wire would have been an ultimate improvement. Other things can be worked around.


Nice idea. Your post is liked now :wink:

Thanks for the tip! I will test out both Draw Xray and Speed Retopo in the following days to see what I think of them.

For me it is the wire coming through that really drives me crazy. It looks like one or both will take care of that.