What is your favorite 'art breakdown' topic?

Happy Sunday! This week I was thinking about education on Blender Artists, and how some artist post a single image while others provide a lot of background information about its creation too. I’d really like to see more of such ‘breakdown’ topics as it helps everyone become a better artist, and thought it might be a nice topic for a sticky to ask for your favorites.

I’ll kick it off with my favorite this week by @juliestrator: Still Life with Strawberries. I liked the comparison to the reference photograph and light studies. Very cool.

Please share your favorites here, and don’t be shy to post your own :slight_smile: To make discovery of such topics easier, I opened a new tag #art-breakdown . If this catches on, I’d love to promote such topics more - both here and on BlenderNation.

Have fun!





Here’s a good one that just got published:

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Well it seems I’m one of the few people with a passion for it here :slight_smile:

@moderators maybe you can help breathe life into this idea - when you see a topic with a nice process description, please add the #art-breakdown tag.


I’ve seen some incredible ones in the past but not very many recently :thinking: I’ll be sure and keep an eye out though


I would like to mention all of sozap’s breakdowns that I find amazing.


For people interested in realistic character modeling this thread from @ChrisJones is very informative !

Could take a bit of time to run through all the comments but it’s quite worth having a look !

@DNorman thanks !!
@bartv , it’s a super cool initiative, we can learn so much from looking a bit over the shoulder of artists !